Low prices, Great ROI

When you start a leaflets distribution campaign you most probably look for two main criteria:

- Prices
- Return of investments

You could take the lowest price available, but your ROI won't be good when you see your flyers in the garbage.

You could spend lots of cash to see your brochures in the mail boxes, but your ROI won't be that good, either.

We offer you the middle way. Our prices are not the lowest, but they are not the highest either. However, our ROI is. With us your conversion rate will give you what you need.

Do you want to try it? Well, use our special promotion. Pay for a campaign and we will double it.

Where do we operate

We work in the major Hungarian cities. With us you could start your campaigns in

- Budapest
- Miskolc
- Nyíregyháza
- Kecskemét
- Debrecen
- Szeged
- Szolnok
- Győr
- Békéscsaba
- Pécs

Contact us for more information about our services.

Contact us

Phone: +36 1 479 4242
Phone: +36 1 479 4211
Fax: +36 1 479 4212
Mail: information@atlantikhair.hu


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